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Welcome to our website!

If you haven’t been on our website in a while, you’ve probably noticed how much our site has changed.  The LTAA took a hard look at our systems including our website and database management and realized it was time to innovate.  We researched the latest products and decided to invest in a software system developed by a company called YourMembership with the intent to provide you with a better alumni experience.

The most visible part to you will be the new website which is much more interactive than the previous one.  However, there is much more to this new system and the main benefit for you will be the ability to find old friends and even communicate with them directly (provided they are listed in our database and have provided an email address).  After all, isn’t that the main purpose of an alumni organization?

Each class will get its own “group” site which will allow you to stay in touch with your classmates which will certainly help in your reunion efforts.  Other Lane alumni groups such as sports teams and clubs will also be able to create and manage their own group sites.

Here are some of the other key features:

       Renew your membership and manage your own profile information  

       Communicate with each other via forums 

       Purchase Lane Alumni gear 

       Post photos on your own profile, your group sites or to the main site

       Donate to the LTAA 

       View the latest events and register for them

       Screen automatically adapts to the device you are using (PC, Tablet or Phone)

That’s the front end of the system that will be visible to you.  On the back end, the new system will help the Association better manage our database which is the heart of any member organization.  The interactive features will assist with member updates, increasing our data accuracy, which in turn makes our organization stronger.  The system will also help us manage the financial area making dues payments, online purchases, donations and event registrations more streamlined and much faster.  A system like this is a significant investment for the LTAA but one that we feel we needed to make in order to maintain a vibrant membership and meet user expectations in today’s digital environment.

How to get started?

If you are presently an LTAA member, contact the LTAA for your sign-on information (  As a member, you’ll have full access to all the site features.

Alumni who are not paid members will have only limited access to the site so you’ll have to sign up for a membership in order to get all the features.  If you’re not sure you want to join and just want to check out the various features before making a decision, we are offering a 30 day trial membership to give you some time to think about it.  Simply go to the “Register” link at the top of the page and follow the prompts.  You will select “Alumni Member and when you get to the membership selection section, select “Trial Membership” for a 30 day free trial.

Maintain your profile/Change Password

Click here for instructions  

Please explore the site.  We are confident you will like what you see and will renew your membership or become a member for the first time.  Please be sure to encourage friends and family to do the same!  We hope you will enjoy this LTAA innovation that will better enable you to connect to classmates and to us!