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"My years at Lane Tech were the most memorable times of my life. The teachers and staff were some of the most fun, understanding and influential people I ever met. I enjoyed every year at Lane Tech, but senior year was by far my favorite...."

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The Lane Tech Alumni Association will be relocating soon

Dear Fellow Alumnus,

In what will be the first major construction project in over sixty years, Lane Tech will be undergoing a $60 million renovation over the next three years. After multiple meetings with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Principal Dignam was able to secure the funding to repair and modernize our school. The entire roof will be replaced, the brick exterior inspected and tuck-pointed where necessary, all windows and floors will be replaced and the entire school will be painted and air conditioned. Sometime in 2017, at the end of the project, Lane will enjoy the same quality facilities currently found at other top-tier city schools.

As a result of this massive undertaking, the Alumni office will be moving to an off campus building for the duration of the project. Starting March 1 we expect to be in either temporary space or will have moved to semi-permanent facilities. While we believe that direct contact with the student body is vital to our mission, a new location may provide us an opportunity to display archive materials and provide other services to alumni. In order to minimize the costs associated with leased space we are working with a search firm to identify possible locations near the school. If you or anyone you know might have access to office space near Lane Tech, please contact the office at 773-935-9351. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



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